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Aug 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
barack obama? >> guest: i remember my mother, when he was nominated, we were in montreal hazel and i were. she called me at the hotel 93. she said, she was crying, she said it's the greatest day of my life. -- america is many places. it's tolerant, accepting within and place where views can be moderated and differences can be reconciled. the candidacy of president obama it's not only important to the black community. it's important to other segments of america as well. but he still faces a vicious kind of. it's not the same richmond, virginia, i saw when i was young. i think there were several americas. i had grown tired of at least one of them. >> host: in the book you write america never helps anyone. even the starving unless it's proposed assistance can be tied to an american interest either strategic or economic and one cannot always distinguish one from the other. it's >> guest: it's largely true in foreign tan. it has to be associated with a strategic purpose. when we look at what we did as a country to haiti. thomas jefferson did everything he could to defeat the haitian revolution
Aug 10, 2013 9:00am EDT
] happy birthday, mr. president. it's president clinton -- president obama's birthday today. he's 52. those students, here's what i would say. the average person today lives to be about 80 years old in this country. the first 20-25 years you spend either preparing yourself or not preparing yourself. if you prepare yourself, you have 60 years to reap the benefits. and if you don't prepare yourself, you have 60 years to suffer the consequence. now is the time when you are making that decision. you are the only one who gets to do it. you .. >> host: laura tweets in: a friend of hers' daughter got a ben carson scholarship, and it was great, really special. what is a ben carson scholarship? >> guest: well, first of all, congratulations to that young lady, because it is very hard to win. [laughter] you've got to be really smart. but it's what i was talking about, you know? our fellowship program, we're in all 50 states. and we acknowledge, it's really more of a recognition program for students and we acknowledge, more of a recognition program for students starting in the fourth grade, they
Aug 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
for a republican president and you were picked by her and barack obama picked you to the head of the nih. how did that have been? >> guest: i'm happy to say in this hyperpolarized environment ethical research remains one of the few things that is not partisan and it has always been that way because medical research is something we should all tell you if you care about her own health and that of our families and friends. our constituents. this is not something where republicans and democrats generally differ. they don't even differ now. c-span: back in 2000 the president made this announcement and i want to ask you what happened. >> we note that the work you do would not get done if left solely to the private sector. some research does not lend itself to quick profit. that is why places like the nih were found. that is why my administration is making the historic commitment to research and the pursuit of discovery. that is why today we are announcing that we will award $5 billion that's what the b in grants through the recovery act to conduct cutting-edge research all across america. c-span: i ass
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
tv in prime time with author and columnist melanie philips. .. and president obama. he gave a very good speech a couple of years ago and here are two of the neck it. secretary gates can't do we have more military personnel and one carrier battle group the united states navy more military personnel and one carrier battle group and we have american diplomats all over the world. here is another if that doesn't convince you. we have more members of the armed forces marching bands in the navy air force army and marines, a true fact competent american diplomats. >> now a conversation with author and columnist melanie mee phillips on the tepees "in depth" series. she's the author of nine books. her latest guardian angel is a memoir of her personal and professional experiences as a journalist in the u.k.. in the next three or she talks about those experiences and her thoughts on issues pertaining to terrorism education and health care. >> host: melanie phillips in your just-released autobiography guardian angel you rights to the question i'm constantly asked whether i am now on the left or the right t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)